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Are you ready to learn what it takes to volunteer with the DeKalb County CASA Program?

As a CASA Volunteer for DeKalb County, you become part of a dedicated group of individuals, both past and present, who have given a tremendous part of their time, energy, talents, and heart to foster children who are under the jurisdiction of the DeKalb County Juvenile Court. When you become a Court Appointed Special Advocate, you are undertaking a colossal step in making the future brighter for “one child at a time”.

Throughout the training process for becoming a CASA Volunteer, you will obtain a solid base of knowledge and skills relating to the topics of child abuse and neglect; court processes, policies, laws, and procedures; diversity and cultural competency; developing action plans; investigating a case; and much, much more.

Three main roles of the CASA Volunteer are:

  • Serving as a fact-finder for the judge by thoroughly researching the background of each assigned case.
  • Speaking for the child in the courtroom – representing the child’s best interests.
  • Acting as a “watchdog” for the child during the life of the case; ensuring that it is brought to a swift and appropriate conclusion.

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Email your questions to dekalbcasa@dekalbcasa.org or check out our blog for more information and resources.

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